Freeze Dried Fruit vs. Dehydrated Fruit: What’s The Difference?

Freeze Dried Fruit vs. Dehydrated Fruit: What’s The Difference?

Freeze-dried fruit and dehydrated fruit are both great ways to preserve fruit and enjoy a sweet snack. However, while at first they may sound similar, the processes and final products differ significantly, particularly in terms of texture, taste, and nutrition. Let’s delve into some of the key differences between freeze dried fruit and dehydrated fruit.

What is Freeze Dried Fruit?

Freeze-dried fruit undergoes a delicate preservation process in a carefully controlled commercial freeze dryer, where the product’s water content is turned from ice to vapour. Through this method, the moisture of the fruit is gently extracted at low temperatures, preserving the fruit’s vibrant colours and flavours.

What is Dehydrated Fruit?

Conversely, dehydrated fruit embarks on a journey where heat is the primary agent of moisture removal. Whether through sun exposure or machine drying, this method involves higher temperatures to remove water from the fruit. This results in a chewier texture as the fruit still retains about one third to 20% of its original moisture.

Texture Harmony: Crispness vs. Chew

Texture enthusiasts will appreciate the distinct qualities each option offers. Freeze-dried fruit delights with its crispy, crunchy texture, akin to biting into a delicate chip. On the other hand, dehydrated fruit offers a chewier experience, reminiscent of traditional dried snacks.

Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated: Shelf-Life

When considering shelf life, freeze-dried fruit emerges as the clear frontrunner. Its moisture-free nature means it can last for years when stored correctly, maintaining both flavour and texture. Because dehydrated fruits retain about a third of their moisture, they have a much shorter shelf life, and can be more easily spoiled by moulds and bacteria.

Pure Preservation: Additive Advantage

One of the major differences between freeze dried fruit and dehydrated fruits is in the use of additives and preservatives. Because freeze drying removes most of the moisture, there is no need to use additives to preserve the food for long periods of time. Dried snacks, on the other hand, usually do require a fair amount of preservatives to keep them fresh.

Nutritional Nirvana: The Freeze-Dried Promise

For health-conscious individuals, freeze-dried fruit retains almost all of its original nutrients, thanks to the gentle freeze-drying process which only removes the water content and little else. This ensures that freeze dried fruit retains its vitamins and minerals. Dehydrated fruits, on the other hand, tend to lose some of their essential nutrients during the heating process.

In Summary: Celebrating Freeze-Dried Fruit

We’re obviously a little biased, but in the freeze-dried vs. dehydrated debate we believe the advantages of freeze-dried fruit shine through. With a gentle preservation process, crispy texture, extended shelf life, and nutritional integrity, freeze-dried fruits make a truly excellent snack and versatile ingredient.

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