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Freeze Dried Honeyberries

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Get A Taste Of New Berry In Town

Honeyberries, also known as haskap berries, are a unique and nutritious fruit that is relatively new but gaining popularity in the UK and around the world. Their growing popularity is due to the numerous health benefits they provide. It is a superfood that packs a lot of nutrients.

In the UK, the cultivation of honeyberries is still in its early stages, with only a small number of growers. However, we are proud to be one of the largest and most experienced honeyberry growers in the country. Our dedication to providing high-quality and sustainable products has set us apart from the competition and established us as a leading player in the honeyberry industry.

A Convenient Way to Boost Your Immune System

What makes our freeze-dried honeyberries so special is that they are packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, making them a true superfood. Vitamin C is a crucial element that strengthens the immune system and facilitates the body’s ability to absorb iron from plant sources. Antioxidants, meanwhile, shield the body from destructive free radicals that can harm cells and increase the risk of chronic illnesses.

Indulge in the Unique Flavour of Our Freshly Harvested Honeyberries

We grow our honeyberries with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are of the highest standard. We use eco-friendly methods and source the best quality seeds to cultivate our crops, making sure that our customers get the best possible product. Our commitment to sustainability means that we are not only focused on producing high-quality honeyberries but also on reducing our impact on the environment.

Fresh Honeyberries, Perfectly Freeze Dried with Our Own Machines

Our freeze-dried honeyberries are made up of 100% natural and fresh honeyberries. In order to ensure that our customers get the most out of every honeyberry, we freeze-dry them ourselves using our state-of-the-art freeze-drying machine. Freeze drying is a preservation method that removes all the water from the fruit while maintaining its nutrients, flavour, and texture. The result is a long-lasting, nutrient-rich, and delicious product that can be easily added to smoothies, oatmeal, or baked goods.

Take Your Health to the Next Level with Our Freeze Dried Honeyberries

We believe that the future of food is all about healthy, sustainable, and convenient options. That’s why we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, nutrient-dense products that are easy to incorporate into their daily diets. Whether you’re a busy professional, a busy parent, or a health-conscious individual, our freeze-dried honeyberries are the perfect addition to your diet. Supercharge your health with our freeze-dried honeyberries today!

Experience the Nutritional Benefits of Honeyberries Anytime, Anywhere

We are proud to be one of the largest and most experienced honeyberry growers in the UK and are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable products for our customers. And with our commitment to quality and sustainability, you can trust that our freeze-dried honeyberries are the best on the market. So why wait? Try them today and see the difference for yourself!

How To Use Freeze-Dried Honeyberries In the Kitchen

Freeze-dried honeyberries are a relatively new addition to the berry world. These unique berries are known for their sweet and slightly tart flavour, which is said to be similar to a combination of honey and blueberries. They are an excellent alternative to the typical blueberries and other commonly consumed fruits, offering a unique taste and texture.

Freeze-dried honeyberries are a versatile and convenient ingredient that can be used in various dishes. Here are some ways you can use freeze-dried honeyberries in your kitchen.

  • Salad topping

Adding freeze-dried honeyberries to your salad can be a simple yet effective way to elevate the flavour and nutrition of your meal. These berries’ sweet and tangy flavour profile goes well with various greens, nuts, and cheeses, creating a delicious and nutritious salad.

You can use freeze-dried honeyberries to make a sweet and savoury salad, summer salad, berry and nut salad and many more varieties of salads. So, if you want to add extra flavour and nutrition to your salads, consider incorporating freeze-dried honeyberries into your mix. With their sweet and tangy flavour, they can elevate the taste and overall healthiness of your meal in no time

  • Tea or coffee

Add a pinch of freeze-dried honeyberries to your tea or coffee for a sweet and fruity touch. The freeze-drying process intensifies the flavour of the honeyberries, making them a perfect addition to your hot beverages.

Whether you prefer your tea or coffee sweet or savoury, freeze-dried honeyberries are a versatile and tasty ingredient that can elevate your daily cup to the next level.

  • Sauce and dips

Freeze-dried honeyberries make a unique and flavourful addition to sauces and dips. You can crush the freeze-dried berries into a powder and mix them into your favourite sauces, dressings, or dips for a sweet and tangy twist.

You can also use the crushed freeze-dried berries as a garnish or topping for your finished dishes, giving them a pop of colour and flavour. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using freeze-dried honeyberries in your sauces and dips. Get creative and have fun experimenting with this versatile ingredient!

  • Cocktails

Freeze-dried honeyberries can add a unique and fruity flavour to cocktails, making them a great ingredient for bartenders and mixologists. To use, simply crush the freeze-dried honeyberries into a powder and mix them into your cocktail or sprinkle them on top as a garnish.

The sweet and tangy flavour of honeyberries is especially complementary to lighter cocktails such as gin and tonics or vodka sodas, but they can also be used in more complex cocktails to add a pop of flavour.

Honeyberries are a true superfood that deserves to be more widely recognised and enjoyed. Their impressive nutritional profile and delicious taste are quickly becoming a popular choice for health-conscious consumers. Try incorporating them into your diet and see how they can enhance your recipes. Order our freeze dried honeyberries today and experience the unique blend of sweet and tangy flavours in your favourite dishes and drinks.

Other Honeyberry Products

If you can’t get enough of Scottish honeyberries, you’re in luck! As we also sell homemade honeyberry jam (which is delicious, if we do say so ourselves!) and local blossom honey with honeyberries.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your sweet cravings, we also sell our own freeze dried honeyberries coated in milk chocolate, freeze dried honeyberries coated in dark chocolate, and our personal favourite, freeze dried Scottish honeyberries coated in white chocolate. (They’re seriously good!)

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4 reviews for Freeze Dried Honeyberries

  1. Anne Greaves

    Bought these honey berries after watching the hairy bikers. Absolutely love them enjoy them on our Weetabix.. would recommend these lovely berries to anyone who wants a new taste

  2. Alan Cooper

    Saw these on the Hairy Bikers show.Absolutely love these.A handful in a bowl of porridge for my breakfast and I’m happy.Can’t wait to use them in a salad.Delicious.

  3. Anne Adams

    Honeyberries are the best berries. Bought them from Arbuckle Farm, excellent service, and they sell so much more, the honeyberry jam is delicious and the Heather honey too. I will be buying. more.

  4. Bronia Fleet

    Just received my honeyberry order – product was well packaged and arrived safely and efficiently.
    I think I am slightly addicted to the honeyberry – fabulous unique taste – and I will definitely be ordering more in due course!
    Thank you Arbuckle’s. 😊

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