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Blueberries on steroids: Scotland’s new super fruit – the honeyberry

Our very own Peter Arbuckle was on the The James Hutton Institute podcast, speaking with Dr Louise Gamble and Caroline Black to Elaine Maslin all about the benefits and wonders of Scotland's new super fruit, the honeyberry. It was Peter's son, Stuart, who came across honeyberries on a visit to Japan, and observed that they tolerated cold conditions very well, and wondered if they would be a suitable crop for growing on Scottish soil. After much research and trialling, Stuart's intuition has been proven right, and the burgeoning Scottish honeyberry industry has blossomed, with the Scottish Honeyberry Growers group being…

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Freeze Dried Fruit vs. Dehydrated Fruit: What’s The Difference?

Freeze-dried fruit and dehydrated fruit are both great ways to preserve fruit and enjoy a sweet snack. However, while at first they may sound similar, the processes and final products differ significantly, particularly in terms of texture, taste, and nutrition. Let's delve into some of the key differences between freeze dried fruit and dehydrated fruit. What is Freeze Dried Fruit? Freeze-dried fruit undergoes a delicate preservation process in a carefully controlled commercial freeze dryer, where the product's water content is turned from ice to vapour. Through this method, the moisture of the fruit is gently extracted at low temperatures, preserving…


12 Delicious Dessert Ideas Using Freeze Dried Fruit.

Berry Parfait: Layer freeze-dried berry crumbs (crushed strawberries or raspberries) with Greek yogurt or whipped cream and granola for a delicious and visually appealing parfait. Berry Bark: Melt white or dark chocolate, spread it thinly on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and sprinkle crushed freeze-dried strawberries on top. Let it set in the refrigerator, then break it into pieces for a tasty berry bark treat. Berry Pavlova: Top a pavlova with whipped cream and a mixture of freeze-dried berries for a light and airy dessert with a burst of fruity flavor. Berry Ice Cream: Mix crushed freeze-dried honeyberries into homemade or…

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