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Scottish Heather Honey

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Local Heather Honey From The Angus Glens

Unlike other types of honey, heather honey has unique properties and a specific taste. It is different in colour and has different nutritional values than blossom honey. The usual time for producing heather honey is between autumn and winter when other flowers do not bloom; this unique type of honey is collected, and bees have the time to collect nectar from the heather plant. The heather plant is pink and usually grows in higher altitudes.

How Is Heather Honey Produced?

We place our beehives in the Scottish Glens, where there is a good amount of heather plants and safe and clean environment. The honeybees pollinate heather plants from where they collect the nectar and return to the hives. The texture of heather honey is jelly-like and it is hard to extract. We produce quality honey from these beehives by organic means and do not involve chemical processes. We have been collecting honey from beehives for years and understand the importance of its quality. 

How Do We Extract The Local Heather Honey?                                                              

The frames from the beehives are put in the heather honey press, which crushes and presses down the honey from the frames. Some honey is left for the honeybees because, during the winter, when there is a lack of flowers and plants, the honey in the hives is used by the honeybees. 

The Processing Of The Local Heather Honey:

Once extracted from the hives, the local heather honey is stored in the containers and is not heated because it will decrease its nutritional values. The best we do is to store them in containers at room temperature for a while and then placed in jars. It has a flavourful taste; people can consume it raw or with bread and biscuits.  

Benefits Of Local Heather Honey:  

There are countless health benefits of heather honey. It is rich in carbohydrates and low on calories, providing you with the best composition. Here are some benefits of local heather honey that are as follows:

  • It is full of antioxidants and helps cure sore throats, coughs, etc.

  • It is known that heather honey helps in healing of wounds and sores.

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2 reviews for Scottish Heather Honey

  1. Norman Mcintyre

    My daughter bought me honey and jam as part of my Christmas presents.
    I have not tried the jam but the honey is utterly fantastic. I have never tasted honey as great as this.

  2. John m

    You’ll never try better honey than this!

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