The Honeyberry

From Angus, the 'Birthplace of Scotland', a new superberry is born...a health remedy in the Far East, a long kept secret in Siberia, this 'grape of the north' is settling in well to it's new found home in Scotland - in fact, it's never felt more at home. 

Angus Terroir

Terroir is a beautiful French word, which encapsulates a 'sense of place'. In Gaelic they can it Anan an Fhearainn - 'soul of the land'. 
Angus Terroir, with it's long hours of sunshine, fertile soils, and years of berry growing heritage, might just create the most flavoursome (and most healthy!) honeyberries in the world. In these small batch, handcrafted bottles of Honeyberry Gin, we've captured a sense of the Angus honeyberry for the very first time... 

A Symbiotic Relationship

In the same way that the honeyberry is the product of a beautiful symbiotic relationship between plant and soil, a perfect local symbiosis between Arbuckle's and Strathearn Distillery helps to craft every small batch of Honeyberry Gin. 
As seen on BBC Landward...

The Gin

The gin is produced in a two stage process, the first being vapour infusion using using a large 500 litre pot still with a botanical basket, at which stage honeyberry is added as a botanical. Once distilled, this base gin is blended with fresh unpasteurised honeyberry juice. A double whammy of honeyberry, which gives the gin it’s full honeyberry flavour and distinctive purple colour. 
The tannic qualities of the berry, are beautifully balanced by a slightly sweet tonic, such as Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.  The perfect garnish however, is yet to be discovered... 
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