Introducing the Honeyberry

your new local superberry 

Honeyberry Love

Welcome to the next big thing in the world of berries. We've planted Scotland's first orchard of these naturally grown beauties, and with demand soaring for them in North America, these rare purple gems are set to be hot property over the coming years.

For those not yet aquainted, heres 5 reasons why everyone should have honeyberries in their lives:


1) They are uniquely delicious....


Some say a cross between a raspberry, blueberry and blackberry, perhaps with a touch of elderberry and added ‘zing’! Perhaps this is why the Japanese have treasured them for centuries, and their Japanese name “ハシカプ” (translates to something close to 'Haskap'!) mean's 'little present on the end of the branch' - lovely!

2) They're super healthy!

Jam packed full of anti-oxidants (up to 4 times that of a blueberry!), more vitamin C than and orange, and nearly as much potassium as a banana - these little guys earn the right to be called ‘superberries’. See nutrient comparison table to the left...

3) They are incredibly versatile... 

Health fanatics are excited about the frozen berries and the deep purple super-smoothies they create...Jam artisans can’t wait to whip up a mouth watering spread...Gin distillers are exploring the endless possibilities with this unique gin botanical whilst vintners are in for a treat with this tannin-packed high-brix wine making powerhouse...and imaginations are running wild in the ice-cream industry for a rich coloured, naturally sweet, seedless berry which melts beautifully into a delicious natural ice cream sauce (just ask Hagen-Daaz for a taste of their honeyberry ice-cream!)

4) They thrive in a healthy natural soil 

Honeyberry plants love nothing more a healthy, balanced, living soil, as nature intended. And we work hard to keep it that way. A healthy soil, means a healthy plant, healthy berries, healthy people, and ultimately a healthy planet. Supporting a berry which thrives on healthy, natural growing, means you’re doing yourself, and the planet, a favour. Pat on the back. 

5) They're even better at Christmas... 

The nutrients and taste are perfectly preserved in the frozen berries (some say the berries taste even better frozen), ready to add colour and festive flavour to your Christmas. Move over cranberry - it’s time for honeyberry sauce to bring the Christmas turkey to life! (along with a delicious honeyberry gin and tonic, of course).

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