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Our Wee Farm Shop

After years of flogging berries from a table and a tent, we took the step to open our little farm shop in the summer of 2014. And it's 'wee' for a reason - we have no ambition to be the biggest farm shop around; we'd rather focus on trying to become the best. That starts with producing the most mouthwatering berries and tasty free range eggs and extends to choosing only the best local produce to help stock our apple-crate shelves. 


Our commitment to quality is how we thank our loyal customers for all their great support over the years. 


OPENING: 17th May 2021, 9am-4pm, 7 days.

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Always a friendly face...

There is always a friendly face to lend a helping hand with whatever you need at the shop. You'll see Justyna mostly from Mon-Fri, whilst Ewa takes over at the weekends, and if you're lucky you might catch Susan darting around at 100mph! So please do stop in, treat your taste buds, and have a blether. 

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